Reed Diffuser

Reed Diffusers


I make my own soap with added essential oils so please feel free to pop in and if there is a particular scent you like i will go out my way to do my best and make this for you.

Candles, we all love, i use eco soya so its very inviromental friendly and last ages on burning without any smoke residue, also having tried all different waxs i have found this one not to burn down the middle like alot do, again i can scent to each ones individual essence as we are all got our favorites, so if you have one and would like to try my candles pop in and see me.

Prices are very compatiable and of good value.

Reed Diffuser

Reed Diffusers 

Enhance your home with the Fragrance of your favourite Essential Oil scent in a Superior Soya Base. 

Choose from what we have on offer in the Salon or let us know what you want. 

Prices start from £22 

Available just now are Lemongrass, Lavender, Patchouli, Cinnamon. 

Safety Guidelines :

Do not light, 

Do not drink, 

Keep out of reach of children, 

Do place on flat surface, 

Keep away from flammable objects. 

Wash hands after touching, 

Turn Reed's once a week for maximum scent.